socially inept
british nerd

this blog is
basically just

sam, dean and cas
are all my babies
and i love them


supernatural s8
hannibal s2

last stand of
dead men
russian roulette



my things

if you ask me
nicely, i can
draw, write or
make you a
thing badly

talk to me!

i'm generally nice
and you can
tell me about
literally anything

have a nice day
you beautiful person!

love is all around

this house no longer feels like home.

Obviously, these things shift over time. We learn, we grow.

22/100 - Jensen Ackles

destiel + wonderwall requested by funnycleversupernaturalname
because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me.
and after all, you’re my wonderwall


I just want to be an angel.

2.21: All Hell Breaks Loose (1).

…but then I remember you, and the way you shine like truth in all you do. And if you remembered me, you could save me from the way I tend to be. The way I tend to be.


Graphic Inspired by URL #10  → deansbrokenwings

Through the night I will drive toward the city
Carry on to the edge of the morn
Should the daylight forgive awful things that I did
You might let me do more

Miles and miles of perfect skin
I swear I do, I fit right in
My love burns through everything
I cannot breathe